Upcoming Topaz Webinar

Next Monday at 4 PM Central I will be conducting a webinar with Topaz Labs.  I will be going over the joys of automated photo editing using Action and Topaz products.  Actions are a great way to maximize your workflow efficiency and with the incorporation of Topaz...

Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Tool

The Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Tool in Photoshop CS 5 & 6 is a very powerful asset.  It is tucked away pretty deep in the menus and not found in the normal adjustment layer section.  It is very similar to that of the shadow and highlight adjustments in Adobe...
Photoshop CS 5: Selective Focusing

Photoshop CS 5: Selective Focusing

      Last week I showed how to Selectively Blur an area of your photo using Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Beta, but did you know you can do this in past versions of Photoshop very easily, and with even more control?  It is pretty simple actually and uses many...

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