Below is a selection of Helpful Websites and Product Reviews for all of your HDR endeavors.  I am continuously scouring the internet looking for powerful resources for my HDR processing.  Beyond websites, I continually struggle to find the perfect product to tone map my HDR images with.  Also, as any photographer knows, you can never have too much gear!  As I purchase it I put it up on the blog for review.


HDR Tone Mapping Software

  1. HDR Expose 3 
  2. HDR Expose 2
  3. Machinery HDR Effects 2
  4. Photomatix 4.1.1 Review
  5. Oloneo Photo Engine
  6. Artizen HDR
  7. Photo Enhance Pro (Android App)
  8. HDR Camera and HDR Pro (iPhone Apps)
  9. Essential HDR
  10. HDR Photo Pro
  11. HDR Darkroom
  12. HDR Efex Pro

Post Processing Software and Products

  1. Topaz Glow !
  2. Topaz Impression 
  3. onOne Perfect Effects 8 
  4. Topaz Labs: photoFXlab
  5. Topaz Labs: Clarity 
  6. Topaz Star Effects
  7. Topaz Adjust 5 
  8. Pixel Bender (Photoshop Plug in)
  9. The Gimp
  10. Tiffen DFX 3.0
  11. EverydayHDR Texture Package 1


  1. Rokinon 14mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens !NEW!
  2. Domke Ruggedware Military Camera Bag 
  3. Sony a6000 
  4. Canon 24-105  mm f/4.0 L USM Lens 
  5. Amazon Basic Bag
  6. Vanguard GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head
  7. Rokinon 8mm Fish Eye Lens

Book Reviews


  1. A Practical Guide To HDR Vertorama Photography
  2. eBook Publishing Guide 
  3. Food Photography: From Snapshots To Great Shots 
  4. Photoshop CS 5 for Digital Photographers
  5. Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It
  6. The HDR Book
  7. Captured By The Light
  8. Lights, Camera, Capture
  9. Layers (2nd Edition)

Helpful Websites and Online Printing

Online Photo Storage

  1. Dropbox

Great Photo Resources

  1. Kelby Training Live
  2. KelbyOne
  3. Glossary of Photographic Terms

Awesome Places To Make Prints Online

  1. Mpix for Modern Metal Prints !NEW!
  2. Tin Man Prints Metal Prints !NEW!
  3. ChromaLuxe Metal Prints
  4. Banners On The Cheap 
  5. Easy Print Canvas 
  6. Mpix For Christmas
  7. Mpix (Metallic Prints)

Great Ways To Get Out There and Shoot

  1. Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk
  2. Photoshop World West

Resources For Building a Blog / Webpage

  1. WordPress
  2. GoDaddy




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