I had intended to call this page HDR Collaborations, however, Collaboration implies the coming together of many to create a single work.  I felt a better term would be HDR Concert, a group working together harmoniously to create a symphony of similar HDR works.  Everyone in the HDR concert is instrumental to the final piece.  Just as every instrument has a varying sound, the individuals participating in the concert will attribute their own unique sound in the final symphony.

The concept is simple, the last Wednesday of every month I will host an HDR Concert right here on EverydayHDR.

  • I will put the word out 1 week prior (3rd Wednesday of every Month) using social media such as Google +,  Facebook, and EverydayHDR.
  • I will include the brackets to be HDR’ed in the announcement.
  • Once the word is out, the first 10 people to send me their image will have themselves a seat in the concert.
  • I will respond to your submission with a form that must be filled out and returned prior to your image being posted.
  • You may use any tone mapping and post processing software for your final image.  Textures, borders and effects may be applied during post processing.
  • There will be revolving themes some of which may require you to break your mold a bit, these themes will be discussed in the initial announcement.
  • In general any tone mapping and post processing is acceptable.
  • I would like to stress this is a concert, it is a union of many artists coming together harmoniously to create an HDR symphony.  This is not a competition.

Let the symphony begin!


  1. I’m subscribed on facebook.. hope that is enough to get the next udpate

  2. Hi I’m new to your page.
    As far as the notices for the HDR concerts, will we recieve an email about it, Facebook or a notice on this page about it?

    Thanks Johnny

    • Hello Johnny,

      Every Concert is posted on the last Wednesday of the month. One week prior to the Concert the Announcement is made (second to last Wednesday of the month). I post the announcement on in the regualr feed. I also announce it on Google + and occassionally on Facebook (sometimes I miss Facebook). Once the announcement has been made the Concert is open for entries for 5 days or when I have received 10 entries, whichever comes first. I do not send out personal invites or Concert reminders, it is up to the individual to participate.


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