1. You have a very impressive gallery on here, Blake. I think you should make some kind of forum on your website though where we can all post our own pics and critique each other.

    • Thank you Eric! I have been toying with that, actually I have been looking into it since October of last year. I am horrible at this internet stuff as far as HTML and CSS and forums have never been a strong suit. I am doing my research and will one day create an EverydayHDR forum of some sort. Thank you for the support and compliments, and planting the seed further that viewers do want a place for their work on EverydayHDR. Take care my friend.

  2. Cool, Blake.

    I’ve been poking around for an online HDR Photography community and have not been able to find one. There’s a lot of great normal photography ones out there, but most of them sort of shun away from the level and complexity of digital processing that we engage in. I watch your videos on Youtube and that’s how I found my way here. I think you should definitely push towards creating a forum of some sort on here. I would be participate actively.

    • You have me convinced Eric. I am looking into it now… May have something soon!

  3. Hello Blake,

    Greetings from Bulgaria! Im new in the world of HDR photography and I’m glad that i saw your video tutorial in youtube !!! Your website and your tutorials are very helpful. It’s great that there are people like that help the beginers like me!!! You have great pictures!!!

    Best regards,

    • Hello Diana from Bulgaria! That is quite a bit a ways from Missouri! Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate hearing that. I am here to help if you need anything in the realm of HDR. I remember my beginner days, I was so bent on this HDR thing that I literally started eating sleeping and breathing it. It can be quite addicting so be careful! Have fun in your HDR endeavors!

  4. Hey Blake,

    I too find myself here coming from YouTube.

    I have also have been interested in photography but now really trying to get into HDR again. I know at the end of the day Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but to be honest I have some real horrific, disturbing HDR images online and have said to myself ‘whats all this about’. But I have seen some work including yours that is very inspiring, more natural looking, amazing to look at.

    I wonder the more time I would spend playing with HDR the more I would become addicted, trying to push it further and ending up creating these over saturated, over the top surreal images which I currently despise :)

    Look forward to future tuts

    Many Thanks


    • Hi Steve,

      I will tell you this, I too have some very frightening HDR images. You typically see this when someone is first starting out because you can do so much with your HDR photos that you cannot do with a regular photo. I know when I started I had nasty grungy messes that were over saturated, over detailed, and down right over awful! However, at the time I thought is was soooo cool! After a while I got over that by asking myself two questions 1, “Is this how I saw the place?” or “Is this how I want others to see this place?” If the answer is no to either, you are probably on the rim of maybe I should tone it down a bit!

      Thank you for your flattering comments and feedback on both my work and my tutorials. You are fueling the fire my friend! Keep at this HDR stuff, it will start to come natural, it took me about 5 months to get to a point hat I actually liked that was about 300 – 400 HDR ton mapped images. Practice makes perfect!

      Take care Steve.

  5. Wonderful photos. I was sorry that only about half of them would enlarge when clicked.

  6. Hello Blake,

    I am a big fan of your website. It´s really great and your doing an amzing job. I´ve learned a lot from your amazing tutorials.

    Since a little more than 2 weeks I got my own hdr-page now. I would happy if you would enjoying to and I am curious about your mind.

    It is only in German language and until now there is not all of the availabe content inthere. But I am busy to put even more of it inside. Today there a nearly 150 of my own hdr-images inside, but I have a lot more than this.

    Kind greetings, Harry from Austria.

    • Hello Harry,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wesbsite with us. The images look great, but I don;t know a lick of German, I did however figure out the Gallery! Great stuff. Keep them coming!


  7. I absolutely love this gallery! I appreciate your work and appreciate all the free instruction. Thank YOU!!! :)


    • Thanks Pam :)

  8. You have done KC proud. I am from Independence and hope to see more of your stuff.

    • Thanks! North KC here! Beautiful skyline in KC!

  9. Hi Blake,

    I can see Halo in most of your photos above.
    Or in some images, I can see you painted over the Halo.
    Assuming that those are for web, thus you didn’t really
    care for the details. But if you print them in really large sizes?…

    Now my question is ; how do you get rid of Halo?
    I usually use Stamp with a couple of Blending Modes,
    and Brush. But I’m kind of tired of this time-consuming method…

    Looking forward to your advice. Thank you.


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