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Here you will find the ongoing list of new HDR related products created by the host of EverydayHDR, Blake Rudis.  The Store contains many informative products that will have your images looking awesome in no time!  To learn more about any product and make a purchase, just click the picture next to the item.


HDR Photography Training

In Exploring HDR you will find over 3 hours of HDR content geared towards making you a better HDR photographer!  It starts with every effective HDR Method and how to accomplish them, it then transitions to the importance of Post Processing and tells you everything you need to know to post process HDR images.


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 HDR Online Community

HDR Insider is the #1 HDR community on the web.  On this site, Blake creates monthly rotating content such as: Full-Length HDR Workflow Tutorials, Anonymous Photo Critiques, Photoshop Actions, and HDR Projects.  Many people state that one video view is worth their entire year’s tuition!  Come see why HDR Insider is the most dangerously inspiring HDR community on the web!

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Digital Zone System Editing

When it comes to Post Processing HDR images, Blake breaks his workflow down into a series of steps.  One of the most important steps in his workflow is Tone Control.  With the Digital Zone System you are granted unlimited control over every aspect of tone in your image.  This steps beyond the use of one or two sliders for highlights and shadows and into a realm of post processing where tone is broken down into 11 controllable Zones.  This is not Luminosity Masking, it is so much more!






Color Zone System Editing

Right after Tone Control comes the ever so important Color Adjustments.  While Photoshop and many other programs offer many excellent ways to control the colors in your photos there is a much better way.  The problem with most programs is they don’t show you what is being affected by a change in a slider, sure you know Red is being affected, but you cannot see all of the places where Red is in the photo.  With the Color Zone System you can see every aspect of Color in your HDR images and know exactly what you are affecting when you make any color adjustments.  The Color Zone System goes far beyond the visual analysis, it grants you unprecedented control over color that no system has ever allowed.






Actions Packages

Actions are an amazing way to speed up your Workflow in Photoshop.  The Actions contained in this package will sped up your workflow and aid in your creative process with several effect style actions.



Blake has written several publications on HDR and photography in general.  The eBooks are available on  While they are Kindle eBooks, you do not need to own a Kindle to obtain the books.  Amazon makes a Kindle App for just about any device including desktops PC’s and Apple products.

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Free Stuff!!!

Every once in a while on EverydayHDR I will run some kind of promotion or just want to be nice and make a sweet package you can download for free.  Below is a list of some freebies!

Texture Package

This texture package was put together for the 2015 Survey.  Participants that filled out the survey were given the option to download this 15 minute video tutorial equipped with 9 textures.  It shows you all the many ways to use texture on your photographs.  Enjoy!


The Tonal Grading System

This 45 minute tutorial is packed full of information about tonal grading your photographs.  It uses Gradient Adjustment layers in creative ways to make awesome color graded images.  The download contains a series of videos and a Gradient package to aid in your color grading.

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