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5 Ways Blend If will Blow Your Mind!

Blend If to the creative rescue! The first Bonus video for the Zone Systems Master Class is all about Blend If.  One of the big new updates in the upcoming Zone Systems Course is the use of “Blend If” options.  These are stuck in the Layer Styles of any... read more

Texture a Photo in under 3 minutes!

Add Depth and a Story when you Texture a Photo A great way to add a story and depth to your image is to texture a photo.  I do this often with photos that could use something extra to make them more dynamic.  Kind of like the photo in the video you see today.  A... read more

Trials and Tribulations of a Landscape Photographer

Photography is a lot like a bad relationship sometimes Last month the family and I went on a trip to Maine to attend a friends wedding and make a little vacation out of it.  It was a great time to just hang out with the family with very limited internet connection and... read more
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